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Bookish Camp 2025 Author Information

Thank you for committing to attend Bookish Camp 2025! The dates are September 18-21st 2025 and camp takes place in Newbury, Ohio (the camp name is Camp Ho Mita Koda).

Things to Note:

*You will be staying in a cabin on a single bed with other attendees and authors. These beds are twin size and require you to bring your own bedding. I will have an option for attendees and authors to purchase linens closer to if they need them.

*The Bathhouse is located near all of the cabins.

*All meals and activities are included for your stay. There will be an interest form closer to camp to select the activities you would like to participate in.

*Once camp goes live for sale on October 1st 2024 I will have a group event page up on Facebook as well as a group chat if you would like to be a part of it. I will send information once live.

*Though it is not required it is highly appreciated if you share about our annual Bookish Camp with your readers/followers as well! You can find all the details on our instagram (@bookish_camp and @bookish_retreats)

If you have any questions you may email me at or text me at (248) 222-1958.

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