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Hi! I'm Danielle.

First off, I am so happy you are here and that you are a reader like me! Books are such a wonderful way to connect with people. It's like you share a whole world that no one else really knows unless you've read it. 

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English writing and in Theatre. My passion for creating community and connecting with others over written word has been in my blood since birth. I put my heart and soul into these events and I hope you enjoy them just as much as I do!

When I'm not reading or planning, you can find me hanging with my husband, Josh, and our golden retriever Gouda (yes, like the cheese!) I also love a good potted plant both inside an out, dabbling in holistic health, and of course shopping around Target & Marshalls!

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Bookish Retreats: Where she came from

My desire to start Bookish Retreats came in June of 2023. I saw a video of someone who had a small book camp with just a couple of their book friends. I wanted this. I CRAVED this. I love community and I thought what better way to make book friends then hosting events curated for them! Each event and retreat is completely unique and catered to all the book lovers. We offer 6-8 bookish retreats all over the US each year, a massive book camp in Ohio, and so many other fun events throughout the year!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

@daniellereadsdaily on all social channels

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